How to Get More Freedom and Healing In Your Life

Many believers are experiencing a stirring in our hearts, knowing that it’s time to start preparing more aggressively and intentionally.


We know we’ve got more work to do and that the bride is not ready. As we bring healing to the church, we’ll see healing in the nations. A massive kingdom building movement is coming. It’s time to be brave.

Many people are growing tired of an empty existence. The good news is people are looking for a life of more meaning and people want to hear something that that will bring them hope.

Personally I have lived a life of pain and spiritual torment. I’ve stood by not knowing what to do when the enemy has saturated himself in someone I loved so dearly, my older brother Zach. Thank Jesus his journey of pain and suffering has come to an end and the enemy can no longer torment him.

In my life of dealing with the demonic I have become a brave warrior for any person who desires to lose the grip that the kingdom of darkness has on their life. The thing is people have to desire freedom and healing or deliverance isn’t possible.

Spiritual Laws Need to Be Understood

When dealing with strongholds and deliverance, spiritual laws need to be understood. Unfortunately, at the pulpit, often we don’t go deep enough to teach people why they can’t seem to get beyond something. Some churches treat their congregation as though they’re babies that haven’t matured beyond drinking milk. Sometimes people really want the meat, but they’re getting an elementary education. You see, the Truth trumps a lie in the spirit realm. It’s why the Word of God just Is. It’s like the I AM. It’s solid, immovable and it cuts through everything. The enemy knows that, it’s the Believers that need to know it, get taught on it and practice using their spiritual gifts. We need to become real “Truth Tellers.”

To receive healing and deliverance, repentance is key. It’s step one to removing strongholds. This closes the doorways to the enemy, making us inaccessible. Second is to renounce anything we know we’ve done where we know we’ve been playing in the enemy’s camp.

When we renounce it’s letting the kingdom of darkness know we’re removing the stake from the enemy’s ground. When we make the announcement that we’re laying our stake on the Word of God (the Kingdom of Light), this moves us into the position of being able to take Kingdom authority. If these 3 spiritual components aren’t authentically exercised, the demonic will laugh in your face. Sometimes, the strongholds can be so severe it will require us to fast. Jesus made mention of this in the Bible when the apostles asked why they weren’t able to cast out a demon. Jesus said, “This kind requires fasting and prayer.”

Too many Christians are living in the belief that the demonic is not at work trying to influence their lives. Nothing about that belief is Biblical. Jesus asked the Father to protect us from evil in his prayer to the Father. He said, he wasn’t praying for the world, but for those who had been chosen. Nowhere do we need this more than in the Church. The enemy loves to hide in the religious, lukewarm and sleepy church. Jesus warned us about that in the beginning of the book of Revelation in his messages to the churches.

The Church should be a place where people can get free, but the enemy has taken ground in so many churches with a religious or lukewarm spirit. Both of which open doorways for the enemy to enter minds and blind people from the truth. This a great deception.

The Church needs healing so we can heal others and make disciples of all nations. As Dr. John Jackson, the President of William Jessup University recently spoke, “You cannot give what you have not received.” We need to let the Lord clean us up and free us from the doorways we’ve opened.

What’s At Stake?

Throughout centuries, Satan and the kingdom of darkness have been strategically operating in every domain of culture including the Church. Today is a good day to become brave soldiers and fight back in a more strategic way. We’ve got to pray against the spiritual forces, powers and principalities that are fully engaged and listening for their opportunity to steal, kill and destroy the plans of God for our lives. The enemy has no power over us if we do not give him access. The problem is we have given him access and we don’t realize the impact.

This is why we need “higher spiritual education” and we need to do a raw assessment on our inner man and clean up the mess we’ve allowed the enemy to create. Evaluating ourselves needs to be a daily occurrence. Every day I ask the Lord, “show me if I opened any doorways that I’m unaware of.”  This is why the path is narrow because it takes bravery and faith to be a true follower of Jesus.

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